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What is Performance Physical Therapy

Do you love hitting the gym, exercising outdoors, or training for the next marathon? Are you an athlete struggling to stay on the field? Do you want to recover from injuries faster and get back to performing at your peak? If so, you're in the right place! Welcome to our blog at Athletic Pursuit Physical Therapy.

What is Performance Physical Therapy?

If you’ve had physical therapy before, you may know it can come in many settings, shapes, and sizes. You might be familiar with a typical PT clinic experience of tedious exercises on a massage table, time spent with assistants instead of your therapist, and finishing up with ice or heat combined with electrical stimulation. While this may be enough for some, we know we can do better than this. We know you deserve more than this. 

When we use the term “performance physical therapy,” we are talking about a specialized branch of physical therapy tailored to athletes and active lifestyles. We take the extra steps to combine physical therapy with strength & conditioning, athletic performance, and holistic health principles, and it can make all the difference in your rehab outcomes. 

The Key Elements of Performance Physical Therapy at Athletic Pursuit

Individualized Assessment: 

At Athletic Pursuit Physical Therapy, we don't see just another patient; we see a unique individual with specific needs. We assess your strengths, weaknesses, and movement patterns to create a personalized treatment plan so you can receive individualized care that caters to your actual goals. 

Faster Recovery: 

Time wasted due to injury can be extremely frustrating. That's why your sessions are always one-on-one with your PT and highly specialized to be focused on your goals. We don’t make you repeat boring exercises over and over or waste time with ineffective treatments. We focus on getting to the root cause of your issue and use state-of-the-art techniques to speed up your recovery process, so you can get back on track as fast as possible. 

Injury Prevention: 

We work with you to identify potential injury risks and develop strategies to minimize them. Mobility issues? Poor mechanics? Strength deficits? History of previous injuries? Even if you are not in pain, any one or a combination of these can affect how you move and put you at risk for future injury. We are not only experts in managing and rehabilitating athletic injuries, but we also make sure we identify and optimize any leaking holes in your performance. 


We believe healthcare should be a collaborative effort. We will always work alongside your physician, coach, trainer, or therapist and training regimen to ensure that your workouts and exercises align with your performance goals. 


Whether you're a seasoned pro, an aspiring athlete, or just looking to stay active and healthy, we want to keep you on that path. Your body and your health are some of your most valuable assets in life. We don’t just stop at getting you out of pain or masking your symptoms. We help you maintain your body's resilience, so you can remain active and enjoy whatever is most important to you for years to come. 

Ready to end the frustration?

If you're looking to get back to doing what you love without pain, prevent injuries, or enhance your performance, it's time to consider working with a performance physical therapist. Don't wait until your next injury sidelines you. Take proactive steps toward achieving your goals. 

Contact us at Athletic Pursuit Physical Therapy today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.